Stojan Lazarov

Imaging of the Critically Ill Neonate: ECHO, CT, MRI
Barbara Burkhardt

Challenges in Stabilization and Perioperative Management of the neonate including LBW, prematurity, modern monitoring (NIRS)
Matthias Gorenflo

Management of cardiopulmonary bypass in neonates
Richard Jonas

Surgical Management of Critical Aortic Stenosis
Boulos Asfour

Surgical Management of Critical Coarctation and Hypoplastic Aortic Arch with or without Associated Lesions
José Fragata

Surgical Management of Interrupted Aortic Arch
Sertaç Çiçek

TGA, Taussig-Bing Heart, Truncus Arteriosus: Fetal Diagnosis, Perinatal Management (PGE1, Transport, BAS)
Tiscar Cavallé-Garrido

Neonatal Arterial Switch, the Role of Late Switch, Two-Stage Switch, or Atrial Switch
Roberto Di Donato

Surgical Management of the Taussig-Bing Heart
Alsoufi Baahaldin

Surgical Management of Complex Truncus Arteriosus
Rudolf Mair

Surgical Management of the Symptomatic Neonate with Tetralogy of Fallot: Palliation versus Primary Complete Repair
Giovanni Stellin

Surgical Management of Tetralogy with Pulmonary Atresia and MAPCAs: Multi-Stage versus One-Stage Repair
Adriano Carotti

Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum: Management options
James St. Louis

Neonatal Ebstein’s Disease - Management Algorithm
Joseph Dearani

Optimal surgical palliation of functionally “univentricular” hearts: shunt or pulmonary artery banding: Foundation for ultimate Fontan circulation. The Paradigm of Tricuspid Atresia
Christian Kreutzer

Role of Hybrid Norwood: Is it a better First Palliative Option in Setting of More Limited Resources?
Marcelo Jatene

Obstructed TAPVC: Surgical Management
Alain Poncelet

22-year experience demonstrating improved RV function after late pulmonary valve replacement in patients with prior complete repair of Tetralogy of Fallot
Panagiotis Zografos

Is older age at repair for anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery associated with suboptimal surgical outcomes in Chinese population?
Renjie Hu

Intramural coronary pattern in patients with transposition: incidence and impact on postoperative prognosis
Maciej Moll

Nunn repair for Complete Atrioventricular Canal Defect: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis
Guanxi Wang

Back to Origin: Fetal Blood Flow as Urgent Therapy for Critical Aortic Stenosis in Neonates with Severely Impaired Left Ventricular Function
Anke-Susann Sprengel

Comparison between Primary Prophylactic Sutureless and Conventional Repair of Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection in Developing Country
Puwadon Thitivaraporn

Congenital Cardiac Surgery in China: History, Achievements, and Challenges
Haibo Zhang

Global burden of pediatric heart disease: Making the case for more investment
Bistra Zheleva

Update, New Developments, Future Directions
Bohdan Maruszewski

Cooperative Projects ECHSA-STS Databases: Status Report
Jeffrey Jacobs

Comparison of Chinese and ECHSA Data
Claudia Herbst

Comparison of Japanese and ECHSA Data
Jürgen Hörer

Surgical Management of Tetralogy of Fallot: Achievements and Challenges (ECHSA Presidential Address)
George Sarris

Early result of handmade Cor-Matrix valve implantation in the mitral position
Krzysztof Michalak

“Critical coarctation” of the aorta in a neonate with cardiogenic shock as a result from thrombus in the aorta
Ventsislav Boshnakov

Surgical repair of coronary sinus atresia in a Fontan patient
Oktay Korun

Pseudonaneurysm of the Descending Aorta Pressing on the Esophagus Complicating an Untreated Aortic Coarctation
Altin Veshti

Antegrade Cerebral Perfusion Combined With Coronary Perfusion During Repair of Aortic Arch in Patient with Williams-Beuren Syndrome
Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3
Tsvetomir Loukanov

Technique of Aortic Commissural Resuspension following Complete Unroofing of the Intramural Coronary Artery for Anomalous Aortic Origin of the Coronary Artery
Can Yerebakan

Stage approach to modified Yasui operation in a 1.9 kg neonate with interrupted aortic arch, ventricular septal defect and left ventricular outflow tract obstruction
Matej Nosal

The Cavoatrial Anastomosis Procedure for Treatment of Anomalous Connection of Superior Vena Cava to Morphologic Left Atrium
Tsvetomir Loukanov

Guidelines for Pulmonary Valve Replacement following Repair of Tetralogy of Fallot: Multi-Societal Project of WSPCHS, ECHSA & CHSS
James St. Louis

Nationwide Results of Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defects Over 25 Years: Overall and Event-Free Survival After Modified Single-Patch Repair Are Equivalent to Double-Patch Repair
Laura Fong

Trans-ventricular balloon valvuloplasty for pulmonary atresia and intact ventricular septum: 10 year experiences
Kai Ma

Surgical strategy toward biventricular repair in patients with Neonatal Ebstein’s anomaly
Shu-Chien Huang

In-hospital interstage improves survival after Norwood stage-one operation: the Brompton's experience
Guido Michielon

Open surgery for bicuspid aortic valve in neonates and infants: what should we know about the anatomy?
Aleksei Chernogrivov

Congenital Heart Surgery Practice Patterns in High vs Low and Middle Income Countries: an Analysis from the World Database for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery
Hao Zhang

Outcomes from the World Database for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery: Impact of Level of Economic Development
Kirsten Finucane

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome – twenty years follow up in Norway
Tom Hoel

Surgical decompression of the right ventricle with or without underrunning of coronary fistulae improves survival in pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum
Noveen Davidson Revi Kamalasekar Rajavira

Lessons learned: Surgery for Ebstein’s disease, from neonate to adult
Joseph Dearani

World Database Report: Activity, Outcomes and QA
James Kirklin

World Database New Center Enrollment Efforts
James St. Louis

ECHSA Database: Lessons for Developing a Collaborative Environment
Bohdan Maruszewski

Introduction of WSPCHS President
Richard Jonas

Challenges in neonate management in developing countries scenario
Marcelo Jatene

Global pediatric cardiac surgery: the unmet needs in congenital heart surgery around the world
Dominique Vervoort

Outcome following tricuspid valve detachment for ventricular septal defects closure
Zahira Zouizra

The rare case of TGA with complex coronary anatomy: three separate coronary ostia and intramural course of the left coronary artery
Oleg Kornoukhov

Repair of imbalanced incomplete atrioventricular septal defect and complex left ventricle outflow tract obstruction: a modified Konno technique
Laszlo Kiraly

A complex case of truncus arteriosus communis and interrupted aortic arch
Morten Helvind

Successful management of Extra-Corporeal Life Support (ECLS) in a child with thrombotic prosthetic mitral valve
Attilio Lotto

Repair of DORV with non-committed restrictive VSD in an adult
Martin Kostolny

Invitation to Bali Symposium
Hafil Abdulgani

Invitation to 7th Scientific Meeting of the World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery in New Delhi, India
Rajesh Sharma

Invitation to 2021 World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Washington, DC, USA
Jeffrey Jacobs